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Apartment With Treehouse Available at Brewery Art Complex

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On April 27 and 28, Lincoln Heights's Brewery Art Colony will hold its biannual art walk, an event that brings thousands of attendees through the 23-acre artist colony's open studios. Which oughtta make for a pretty exciting introduction for the person who ends up renting the loft advertised in this Craigslist post. Located "like a nested doll" inside a larger "warehouse community" known as Theory Labs, the approximately 1,100-square-foot loft-within-a-loft features a private kitchen, full bath with whirlpool tub, a living room with pull-down movie screen, and, oh yes, a treehouse. Monthly rent is $1,185, not including utilities and wireless. The ad goes on to state: "Prospective tenants must undergo a thorough personality evaluation, stress exercise, and drinking endurance trials. There are seven other people living here and you must get along with them and their respective pets. Passive aggressive or aggressive aggressive applicants need not apply. YOU MUST ADHERE TO THE TWO COMMANDMENTS."
· $1185 / 1100ft² - Spacious mostly furnished loft in art community [Craigslist]