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Sherman Oaks Sunkist Plans Will Include an LA River Park

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UPDATE 4/3/13: The greenway is actually part of the neighboring Sherman Village also being developed by IMT. The plans to develop some of the land around the 1971 Sunkist office building in Sherman Oaks are starting to take shape. The Daily News reports that IMT Capital, which bought the property in February, is planning to build apartments over a grocery store (probably), in addition to giving the Sunkist building itself a much-needed sprucing up. And the adjacent LA River is going to be part of the redevelopment plans too--IMT is working with the city and county to build a greenway park along the river. So far the locals seem to be on board; the Sherman Oaks Neighborhood Council praised the planning "for that whole area," adding that they didn't think the site was going to be overdeveloped. Firm plans for the redevelopment are still one to two years out.
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