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Mar Vista Mom Fighting For a Less Pot-Holey Venice Boulevard

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Longtime Mar Vista resident Linda Jones has had it with the beat-up state of Venice Boulevard between Overland and Lincoln, so she's planning a protest over the rutted, pot-holed mess, which is scary for drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, and baby carriage-pushers. For more than a year and a half, Jones went through the normal channels to complain about Venice, according to the Mar Vista Mom blog; she was first told by her City Council rep that the boulevard is actually considered a state highway and thus under the purview of the California Department of Transportation. Caltrans hasn't gotten back to her about her complaints nor have other agencies or government officials--so she's taking it to the streets, encouraging others to join her protest on the morning of April 28 at Venice and Grand View. "There's portions of Venice Boulevard you cannot walk across, bike across, and certainly you cannot drive through," Jones says in a video.

· Venice Blvd. Pot Holes -- Protest [Mar Vista Mom]