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Union Station Transit Users Want More Access, Signage, Food

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The Union Station Master Plan team and Metro have finished their survey of station users, and it turns out folks want pretty much what you'd expect them to in the station and the area surrounding. Metro bought the land recently and has hired a team to come up with a master plan that'll upgrade the station and link it up with the neighborhoods around it. The Source has all the data and graphs you could possibly want, but the most popular improvement requests include:

-- Easier access to surrounding neighborhoods
-- Better connections between transit options
-- More food options
-- More and better signage
-- Bike parking

Still, take a moment to enjoy the found poetry of the survey response word cloud above ("Think Usually," "Integrity Dining Bathrooms Activity" and the sad sad "long isolated"), and imagine the better-connected, user-friendlier Union Station the master plan hopes to realize. Once the teams are done collecting and analyzing the data, they'll move on to developing potential plans.
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Union Station

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