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Mid-Century Modern by Frederick Monhoff in Pas Asking $655k

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It's often said that those who can, do, while those who can't, teach, but that certainly wouldn't apply to Frederick Monhoff. A versatile architect, artist, and illustrator, Monhoff taught design for over two decades at the Otis Art Institute and was an architecture instructor at UCLA in addition to designing numerous public buildings and private homes throughout Southern California, including this angular little modern in Pasadena. Built in 1948, the same year Monhoff designed Palm Springs's groovy (and sadly demolished) Biltmore Hotel, the compact residence features two bedrooms, one and three-quarters baths, hardwood floors, a wood-burning fireplace, an updated kitchen, a finished basement, and mountain views. Sited on a 7,108-square-foot lot in the San Rafael Hills, it's listed at $655,000.
· 110 ANITA Dr [Redfin]