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Music School Files First Appeal of Millennium Hollywood Towers

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Pre-empting the planned appeal by the Hollywood Homeowners Association, a neighboring music school has provided the Millennium Hollywood project with its very first appeal. The AMDA College and Conservatory of Performing Arts filed an appeal of the Planning Department's approval of the project's vesting tentative tract map (the division of the property for condominium purposes) on Monday, the last day to appeal the approval. Per their appeal, the music school, located next door to the project site, is appealing based on what it says is the Millennium's deficient environmental review which failed to identify the school as a "sensitive receptor" that needs considerations for noise during construction and operation. Apparently it's hard to sing on key and hear music when a bulldozer is pushing dirt around outside your window. In the 113-page appeal, the school pulls out data from the project's draft environmental impact report to show that noise from the project will be kind of loud.

Per the Appeal: "The Projects EIR indicates that construction would reach dBA of 113.9 Leq. According to the Project's EIR these noise levels would be louder than a jet flying overhead at height of 100 feet throughout the entire day and louder than a rock band in an indoor concert ... Moreover because the proposed Project would take approximately three years to construct or even more if built out in phases as allowed by the Development Agreement, which spans decades, AMDA would not be able to carry out its basic functions as an educational institution for years."

In its concluding statement, the School is requesting that the approval of the tract map be revoked until more environmental analysis is done and they figure out some sort of mitigation to keep the school from going out of business. We'll follow this appeal as long as we can still hear the dulcet tones of those singing students.
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