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Geek Out with This Map Showing How Everyone in LA Voted

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Some awesome LA Times data nerds put together an interactive map showing how Angelenos have voted, precinct by precinct, in every mayoral primary and runoff between 2001 and this past Tuesday. The big picture on this week's race shows mostly what you'd expect: Greuel won the Valley, Perry won South LA, and Garcetti won mostly everything in between. But drilling down reveals a few fun facts for you to wow your friends with this weekend:

-- Kevin James won one precinct in the Valley with one vote. That is, there was only one vote cast in the whole precinct, and it was for James.
-- There were ties in 16 precincts.*
-- Only one of those ties didn't involve Eric Garcetti--a nailbiter in Woodland Hills where Wendy Greuel and Kevin James each won 84 votes.
-- Jan Perry won eight precincts south of the 105 freeway, including one at the heart of the Greuel-dominated area around the Port of LA.
-- Garcetti was blown out in an Echo Park precinct right on his home turf, where 80 percent of the five people who voted at Barlow Hospital chose Greuel. (James picked up the other 20 percent--err, vote.)
*That we could find.
· Interactive Map [LA Times]