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Laurel Canyon Bobcat Win Inspires More Development Battles

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The Concerned Residents of Stanley Hills Drive, a group of concerned residents on Stanley Hills Drive in Laurel Canyon (led, incidentally, by Amadeus actor Tom Hulce), have triumphed over mansion-builder Yossi Atia, who victimized bobcats and other wildlife while building three huge houses on their street. They had sued Atia and LA's Planning and Building & Safety departments last year, claiming the construction was blocking a wildlife corridor, in violation of the conditions the city had set for the project. In January, reports the Daily News, the parties settled and "Atia agreed to redesign his plans to ensure the last home of the project is built no closer than 15 feet away from the northern property line to make way for the wildlife corridor; he also agreed to pay $30,000 in attorney fees for the Concerned Residents of Stanley Hills Drive." The group's lawyer, Rob Glushon, says this kind of thing is all too common in LA: "It happens a lot and luckily for the wealthier communities, the residents can afford to fight the city and developer, but that's not always the case." Now that they've scored a victory, "we now hear from neighbors from other hillside communities asking us how to fight the city and developers."
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