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Rolling Hills Votes Not to Complain If Neighbors Block Views

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While LA only managed a pathetic 16 percent voter turnout on Tuesday, fancypants Rolling Hills citizens came out in droves to cast their ballots. The issue that got everyone hot and bothered? That came down to the wire and was settled by a margin of just five votes? View restoration. After the first count, Measure B was down by seven but it managed to squeak past once the 47 mail in and provisional ballots were counted, in a stunning rebuke of the Rolling Hills Community Association who had urged a "no" vote. The Daily Breeze sums up what the post-Measure B world looks like: "No longer will people be able to get a view restored just because a neighbor's vegetation obscures one. Instead, homeowners will only have the right to the view their property boasted at the time they bought it." Richard Colyear, the measure's author, thinks the Community Association's active campaigning backfired. "A lot of people said, 'Wait a minute, I was on the fence, but the community association shouldn't be spending its funds to tell the electorate on the city side of things how to vote.'"
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