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LA Doing Better Than Average on Carpooling, Public Transit

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The US Census Bureau has released its 2011 stats on Los Angeles commutes, and they're predictably a little bit of a bummer--lots of loooong commutes. But it could be worse! The county actually did better than the national average on solo drivers and on public transportation and bike commuting. Here're all the juicy numbers:

-- Average one-way commute for people living in LA County was 29.4 minutes (compare to 25.5 minutes nationally)
-- 11.9 percent of workers had a commute of an hour or more (compare to only 8.1 percent nationwide)
-- 72.3 percent of LA County workers drove to work alone (compare to 76.4 percent nationally)

-- 10.5 percent carpooled (compare to 9.7 percent nationally)
-- 7.3 percent took public transit (compare to 5 percent nationally)
-- About 0.8 percent biked to work (compare with 0.6 percent nationally)
-- "Among workers in Los Angeles County, 471,345 live outside the county, according to 2006-2010 estimates"
-- 178,681 come from the OC
-- 126,642 come from San Bernardino
-- 66,832 come from Ventura
-- About 335,676 Angelenos leave the county to go to work
-- 181,744 go to the OC (so about an equal exchange!)
-- 57,390 go to San Bernardino
-- 36,602 go to Ventura
· Census Bureau Reports 471,000 Workers Commute into Los Angeles County, Calif., Each Day [PRNewswire]