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Avant Garde Composer John Beach's Robert D. Farquhar House

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For an avant garde musician and composer, this John Beach fellow this property in La Crescenta is named for went quite traditional, with fancy East Coast-bred architect Robert D. Farquhar: "Legend has it," says the listing, that he "commissioned Farquhar, one of California's premier classical architects, to build the residence after a villa in Asolo, Italy which had been occupied by the poet Robert Browning." The five-bedroom, seven-bathroom house was built in 1941 and sits on more than three-quarters of an acre; it comes with a "formal facade, grand entry, and plan built around a central interior courtyard." It hit the market in late January asking $1.95 million. There are many more photos here.
· The John Beach Estate, 1941, Architect: Robert D. Farquhar, F.A.I.A. [Crosby Doe]