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DTLA Sign Hack Protests Police Costs, Hills Residents Will Challenge Millennium Hollywood Towers

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DOWNTOWN: Downtown sign hacking correspondent/photographer Stephen Zeigler sent these photos in earlier this week and writes "I found a young woman installing this sign yesterday down the street from my loft." The strikingly-designed sign shows costs for police services Downtown and for incarceration for a single male inmate; way down in tiny print, it also has the average income for Downtown households and notes that "Police cost per capita is at least double surrounding neighborhoods." [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Surprise! Some Hollywood Hillsians plan on challenging the huge Millennium Hollywood project, which would surround the Capitol Records Building with two very tall towers and a lot of public space. Planning Department staff decided last month that they'd recommend the project for approval and the Planning Commission is supposed to consider the matter this month. But the Hollywoodland Homeowners Association has already announced they "will appeal The City Planning Commission's decision" on the case. According to their newsletter, the HHA "contends that the environmental impact of this project has not been adequately considered. The City has failed to offer adequate traffic studies and/or mitigation of key intersections including Franklin/Argyle and Franklin/Ivar." They also say it doesn't include enough parking and that "Potential noise pollution and bright outdoor lighting will channel from high altitude outdoor patios and rooftop restaurants and clubs into our hills." [Curbed Inbox]