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Rich Pasadenans Freaking Out Over Caltech Child-Care Center

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Caltech normally gets on pretty well with its fancy Pasadena neighbors (it's not like it's a party school!), but now it's riling everyone up with a plan to, brace for it, move a child-care center. The school recently got a big donation to build a new dorm on campus, which would finally give it enough room to house all its undergrads, but the plan requires them to move their child-care facility--they want to build a new 13,000-square-foot space on a vacant lot that's being used for storage right now, according to the LA Times, which adds that "Caltech also owns several of the homes lining the border of the site." The school hoped to break ground last week and held all kinds of community meetings starting last summer, but neighbors now say there wasn't enough outreach and that "the artist renderings of the proposed buildings look ugly and cheap and will decrease home values in the community" (the design is by well-respected local firm Rios Clementi Hale Studios). The city found there wouldn't be a significant impact on traffic, meanwhile, but of course the NIMBYs say otherwise.

Caltech has agreed to put off construction for a few weeks while it deals with the outrage, which includes "Save Our Neighborhood From Caltech" yard signs. And let's close this out with a gem from a neighbor, who complains that, if the child-care center is built, her house on a nearby hill won't be "quiet and peaceful like it should be for a $5-million home."
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