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Parents Faking Addresses to Get Kids Into Carpenter Elem.

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Parents are allegedly lying about their addresses to get their kids into Carpenter Community Charter in Studio City! Good lord, the state of education when people are forging documents to get their kids into the right elementary school. The Daily News reports that "Administrators at Carpenter Community Charter believe that as many as 120 of the school's 1,000 students enrolled using addresses that falsely show they live in the area." (And it doesn't stop there: "Officials say it's likely that parents have gamed the system to get their students into other high-performing schools ...") Carpenter, which serves the area east of Laurel Canyon and south of Ventura Boulevard, converted to a charter school a few years back but is still affiliated with LAUSD; since conversion, its Academic Performance Index has risen to new heights. One parent says it's become so hot that "There are families of five living in an apartment so their kids can attend Carpenter."

Other families were apparently less honest about it--there are suspicions that some forged proof of residence documents. LAUSD has now agreed to let schools use public records to databases to verify student addresses. Meanwhile, enrollment at Carpenter has ballooned and the school has had to cap enrollment and could end up holding a lottery for spots. As it ferrets out the frauds, they'll be allowed to finish the semester.
· Parents allege massive enrollment fraud at Carpenter Community Charter in Studio City [LADN]

Carpenter Avenue Elementary School

3909 Carpenter Ave. , Los Angeles, CA