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Ktown's Pio Pico Library Could Ditch Books and Go All-Digital

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Is a library still a library if it has no books? The City Council voted today on a motion to explore turning the LA Public Library's Pio Pico branch in Koreatown into an all-digital library, offering computers, tablets, and e-readers to access digital assets instead of cardboard and paper books. The motion sees two advantages: First, it would provide free access to the kind of technology many library patrons may lack access to, and second, "a bookless library would save space that could be used for work, study, or community meeting areas, which is important in the densely populated Koreatown neighborhood which lacks this kind of facility." It's true: ditching those pesky books would free up a lot of space! The City Council vote comes hot on the heels of news that the LA Public Library will start offering free streaming of movies and audio books to all cardholders. Who's behind LAPL's great leap into 2013? The leading candidate would have to be John Szabo, LA's newish City Librarian. In an interview with the LA Times a few months ago, Szabo said he said "that future improvements will come in areas such as digital collections and community involvement." He also said he isn't much of a reader.
· Pio Pico Koreatown Library Branch / Digital Library Conversion [City Clerk]

Pio Pico Library

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