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Santa Monicans Want Consultant Fired For Using "NIMBY"

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Poor Jeffrey Tumlin. This planning and transportation consultant and principal at Nelson/Nygaard has a group of Santa Monicans calling for his head (aka his job) thanks to his online biography at N/N's site, which includes the following tidbit on his work in the beach city: "For decades, Santa Monica politics had been dominated by NIMBYs who used traffic fear as their primary tool for stopping development. The city's award-winning 2011 Land Use and Circulation Element update, however, commits to no net increase in vehicle trips ...." Tumlin, who's worked on numerous SaMo planning projects, including the bike plan and 2010 Land Use and Circulation Element, refuses to change the bio, according to the Santa Monica Daily Press. What he will say is that the NIMBY moniker describes the Santa Monicans of 2005, "where residents attempted to put the kibosh on any and all development because such bad options were being brought to the table and does not apply to the conversations around development happening today."

Tumlin insists that NIMBY (which stands for "not in my backyard," for the uninitiated) is not a negative word and, "At the time, residents were absolutely right to be NIMBYs, and should carry that label with pride, as they did then," Tumlin said. He added that locals have gotten more sophisticated and articulate in their arguments against development.

"I find it hard to believe that there was ever a point in time where someone embraced the term NIMBY," said Albin Gielicz, chair of the North of Montana Neighborhood Association. Diana Gordon, cochair of Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City, said Tumlin's defense is "insulting and ridiculous ... If Mr. Tumlin sincerely has changed his mind about residents, he wouldn't now be proposing ideas that will only benefit developers, such as taking away our parking and supporting more and greater density development. The fact that he is proposing plans that would make developers more money (by allowing them to build less parking) and residents more miserable tells us that his original opinion of us is unchanged."

NOMNA and SMCLC are circulating a petition to get Tumlin canned. [Typical NIMBY nighmare pictured via Skyscraper Page]
· Consultant refuses to remove 'NIMBY' comment [SMDP]