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Indiana Jones Archaeologist Doesn't Like SaMo's Tongva Park

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Remember when Santa Monica decided to name its new civic center park Tongva Park and everyone was all "wha???" Turns out some members of the Native American group the name is meant to honor are also confused and unhappy. The Santa Monica Daily Press breaks down the competing arguments, but the short short version is that there's some debate over the historical accuracy of the Tongva name. On one side of the debate are a former studio makeup artist and an archaelogist who consulted on the Indiana Jones movies, who both find the name offensive, and think the correct term for the tribe is Kizh. On the other is another archaelogist (with apparently zero movie experience) who thinks Tongva and Kizh are probably both inaccurate, but still thinks the park name is a win for the community. And then, finally, there is Santa Monica City Councilmember Bob Holbrook bringing the real talk: "As time goes by, I think the park will be called the Tonka Park, because people will confuse the name with the Tonka Toy company." Santa Monica has already ordered the signs so there probably won't be yet another name change.
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Tongva Park

Colorado Ave. & Ocean Ave., Santa Monica, CA