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111-Year-Old WeHo Bungalows Score Victory Over Condos

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Score one for the WeHo preservationists: the West Hollywood Preservation Commission has voted in favor of giving historic status to two turn-of-the-twentieth-century houses on Palm Avenue, reports Patch. It wasn't quite a shutout--three houses were up for consideration--but it's enough to stymie owner David Vayner's plans to demolish the wee houses and build 24 condos on the site. For now. The city council still needs to approve the historification, but even if they do, as campaigner Katherine Eggert notes, it "does not mean that the owner cannot raze the houses. It simply means that it will be expensive and require more commission hearings." The houses had been considered for inclusion in the Old Sherman Thematic District before, and been rejected "for not meeting the standard." Maybe the threat of demolition will make them irresistible this time around.
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