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Expo Culver Stop Gets Paved, West LA Triangle Park Reopens

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CULVER CITY: The Expo Line parking lot is really getting paved! Sure, it's silly to get excited over a parking lot, but any train commuter with a muddy car or shoes knows this is a big deal. The Expo Construction Authority may have been reluctant to pave the lot with asphalt since it'll eventually be torn up for a mixed-use development--but, well, too bad. [Curbed Inbox]

WEST LA: Locals in park-poor West LA have been trying for years to get their cute little triangle park at Bundy and Santa Monica Boulevard reopened (it's been closed since a transient was murdered there). On Saturday, retiring Councilmember Bill Rosendahl and aspiring Councilmember Mike Bonin held a ceremony to celebrate its reopening. Well, sort of--it's reopened by permit only and anyone who wants one will have to go through Rosendahl's office. The West LA School of Martial Arts has already been given permission to use the park for classes. Hopefully, more will follow. [Curbed Staff]