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Octomom's La Habra House Returns With an Amazing Makeover

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Things only ever seem to get creepier and weirder for Octomom Nadya Suleman (she's the one who had eight kids in one go back in 2009?), but her old house in La Habra is doing quite well. Suleman moved into the house in 2009 and was pretty much immediately behind on her payments (a man named Amer Haddadin held the loan); the bank finally foreclosed last fall. The house was completely trashed back then--there was writing all over the walls and the plumbing was supposedly shot (it was also just plain tract-house ugly). But it re-hit the market today and Haddadin has done a pretty astounding job turning things around (check out the construction shots at the end of the gallery). There's now a new kitchen, new flooring, new cabinets, overhauled bathrooms, real landscaping, a dining room, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a marble fireplace. It's still a suburban tract house, but at least it's a polished-looking one. Asking price is $649,900. Down below, Haddadin shows the house mid-work and talks about his experiences lending to Octomom (they were bad).

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