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Tiny Hollywood Pod Hostel Opens in Cosmo Lofts Building

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CBS has stumbled on a hostel in Hollywood called Podshare, run out of the once-troubled (still troubled?) Cosmo Lofts. Aimed at the young, frugal, solo traveler looking to make friends, Podshare has 10 pods and rents each for $40 to $50 a night. For that you get a shared kitchen, bathroom, and common room; WiFi; plus your very own sleeping pod complete with flat screen TV, headphones, reading lamp, and a bed. It sounds like a nightmare for privacy-minded travelers or anyone with an allergy to cutesy names (guests are called "podestrians"), but it's actually pretty popular if Yelp and TripAdvisor reviews are anything to go on. The hostel is run out of an old furniture warehouse on a Hollywood side street that was converted to live/work units, and backs onto the pedestrian EaCa Alley. Three other loft-style units in the building are also available to rent by the night.
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