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SaMo Freaking Out Over Plan to Slash Parking Requirements

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Angry Santa Monicans had planning consultant Jeffrey Tumlin reassigned after he had the temerity to use the phrase "NIMBY" in his bio, and now they're trying to deep-six his parking proposal. The planning commission will vote next week on a potential one-year postponement of Tumlin's parking plan, which has "upset and angered" residents, according to Santa Monica Patch. Tumlin's idea was to dramatically reduce parking requirements for future developments in transit-oriented districts. The part that has everyone freaking out is that fancy Montana Avenue is being considered a transit-oriented district, which has led to local residents describing the idea as "nutty" and "ridiculous," saying flatly "that can't happen." If the planning commission and city council both vote to postpone the changes, commissioner Richard McKinnon wants to use that time to do some outreach with neighborhood groups, and test the proposals to see how they work. He promises "this won't be a consultant-driven project."
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