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Peninsula Hotel Developer Jacks Price on A. Quincy Jones Modern in Beverly Hills

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Penninsula Hotel developer Bo Zarnegin has been trying to unload his five-bedroom, 1.2-acre, A. Quincy Jones-designed estate near the Beverly Hills Hotel off and on since way back in 2009. Last year he tried the traditional price chop, knocking off nearly $1 million from his asking price which brought it to $14.99 million. But price chops are so 2012. Now the house is back on the market, upped to $15.5 million, reports while the listing photos have improved since 2011, not much else has changed since we first saw the house: it's still got two kitchens, a living and dining room that open onto a terrazzo patio, pool and tennis court, and a master suite with its very own "relaxation room."
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