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Mid-Century Modern in Mt. Washington Asking $619k

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"This architectural gem is so cool it deserves to have a cocktail name [sic] after it! From the original essential 1950's original vibe to the tantalizing textures and long distance view it will please the senses and sooth [sic] the soul," enthuses the listing copy for this Mt. Washington mid-century modern. Hmm, sounds like someone's already had a few cocktails and/or come under the influence of the Self-Realization Fellowship, whose headquarters are located just down the street. Sited on a 7,656-square-foot lot, the two-bedroom residence features beamed ceilings, wood and tile floors, a brick fireplace, skylights, French doors, some unfortunate bathroom and window updates, a view deck, carport, and one-car garage (currently used as a studio). Last sold in 2011 for $550,000, the 1,515-square-foot house is now asking $619,000.
·3946 San Rafael Ave [Redfin]