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Commerce Imitates Art in Arts District, Zipcar at Union Station

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ARTS DISTRICT: Hey, let's head to the Arts District where even the real estate signs are now all organic artisan handcrafted bespoke bullshit: Creative Space, the commercial real estate firm that has a pretty tight lock on the neighborhood lately (they're responsible for the Urban Radish Market, the Handsome Coffee Roasters, and that bouldering gym that's on the way), has "commissioned Woodsmithe, an atelier of artisan-inspired signs and sales elements, to build hand crafted signs that advertise their portfolio of buildings. The goal of the signs is to look like public art." [Curbed Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Finally, Zipcar car sharing has arrived at Union Station--there are now two cars in Lot B in front and two near the Mozaic Apartments. [Curbed Inbox]

Union Station

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