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Calabasas Neighbor Says Justin Bieber Drove Through 'Hood at 100 mph and Also Spit on Him

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19-year-old Justin Bieber is being investigated by the Sheriff's Department after allegedly threatening/spitting on/striking a Calabasas neighbor (the potential charge is battery). TMZ reported yesterday that "Justin and one of his male neighbors got into a verbal altercation just after 9 AM ... Sources connected with Justin's security tell TMZ ... the neighbor came on to Justin's property and began screaming that while Justin was away (overseas) there were people at the house throwing loud parties." They later updated to change the cause of argument from "house parties" to "reckless driving," saying Bieber had a Ferrari delivered around 8 am and decided to test it out right away--the neighbor, who apparently has a car-racing hobby himself, told Sheriff's deputies that Bieber was driving through the neighborhood just before 9 am at 100 mph. "A number of neighbors" back the story. The neighbor supposedly flipped out on Bieber and Bieber supposedly spit on him and threatened to kill him.

Bieber had just gotten home from Poland when the fight occurred and is apparently starting the meltdown phase of the child star cycle: according to Reuters, he took off his shirt in Lodz "on a freezing evening as he walked through security and to his private jet" and wore a gas mask on a recent night out.
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