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Metro Goes to Plan B to Deliver Transit Projects in This Lifetime

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Measure J, the ballot initiative that would have extended the life of the Measure R sales tax increase to provide much-needed money for transit and freeway projects, narrowly failed to reach the required 67 percent voter approval in November. But Metro is now regrouping, hoping to find other ways to advance dozens of big projects, The Source reports. At the April board meeting, "Metro staff are recommending that the Board approve a public notice of a planned change to the Measure R expenditure plan that would allow second- and third-decade Measure R projects to begin receiving funds this decade." That could help move projects like the Sepulveda Pass rapid transit line (pictured) and the Green Line extension to LAX and the extension deeper into the South Bay. Plans are still murky surrounding Plan B, but Metro may seek to put together Measure R funds, Prop. A and C money, and federal loans from the America Fast Forward program to get things built quicker. AFF, formerly known as the 30/10 initiative, was passed by Congress last year to advance local infrastructure projects, but politicians are fighting over funding for it.
· Metro Board to consider change to Measure R expenditure plan as part of latest project acceleration effort [The Source]