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Glendale Planning a Downtown Cap Park Over the 134 Freeway

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Here comes yet another freeway cap park into our lives: Glendale is looking at a plan to slap a park on top of the 134 between Central and Glendale Avenues (add that plan to ones for the 101 in Hollywood and Downtown and two projects in Santa Monica, plus one up in Ventura). Tropico Station reports that the city council will review initial concepts for the park at their meeting tonight--the plan is called Space 134 and "would connect the community to the City's civic, cultural, and business core through public open space and pedestrian and bike friendly trails," according to the city report (pdf).

The project would come in three phases: near-term plans call for "improvements to existing bridges, incorporation of public art and adding pedestrian lighting to roads and bridges"; in the mid-term, as the city finds more funding, they hope to look into "partially capping the 134 Freeway in certain sections between Central Avenue and Glendale Avenue." In the long-term, they see "the potential for over 20 acres of open space, including a convention and events center, transit facilities, active sports facilities, passive open space and a potential reconfiguration of existing retail centers."

Space 134 comes out of a grant from the Southern California Association of Government; Glendale's mobility planner and consultants Melendrez Design Partners are leading the efforts.
· Glendale's "Space 134" Freeway Park Concept To Be Presented to City Council [Tropico Station]