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Boyle Heights Too Divided to Take Any Position on Huge Wyvernwood Redevelopment

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The Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council, having invalidated its first vote on the huge Wyvernwood redevelopment, has now decided to drop a revote from its agenda this week. (The votes are only "advisory" but developers generally don't want to piss off a neighborhood too much.) The debate has pitted neighbor against neighbor and Edward Padilla, president of the BHNC, said he made this latest decision because boardmembers "are being attacked about it and it's causing division," reports Streetsblog. It was pretty shocking when the council voted to endorse Fifteen Group's plans to raze the 1,187 apartments (in 153 buildings) and build a staggering 4,400 residential units in their place, and it was similarly surprising when the vote was thrown out (a last-minute venue change was deemed to have invalidated the council's proceedings). Those for and against New Wyvernwood agree that something needs to be done about the crumbling garden apartment complex, and many contend that owner/developer Fifteen Group has not been making necessary repairs. Opponents fear current residents will be displaced by the redevelopment, and don't trust promises that they'll get first dibs on renting or buying from the new pool of affordable units. But supporters tout the need for new, more modern residential units, plus the construction jobs the mammoth project would bring. At least some of Wyvernwood's opponents are hailing Padilla's decision as a victory.
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