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Valley Transit Dreams: Subway to Bob Hope, Rail to Westside

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The San Fernando Valley Council of Governments, a group that works together to further the interests of LA, Burbank, Glendale, San Fernando, Santa Clarita, and LA County, approved a list of their top transit wishes at a meeting earlier this month--their list is long and starry-eyed, but they're hoping Metro's board takes it up and provides, in 90 days, strategies for implementing the transit goals. Guess it's better to ask for more than less, which is exactly what the SFVCOG did, advocating for everything from a rapid transit extension to Burbank's Bob Hope Airport, a link from the airport to the Gold Line, and a double-tracking on Metrolink lines, to name just a few exciting (and variously realistic) requests.

The hopes, dreams, and aspirations:

Connect Bob Hope Airport with Transit
-- Construct a new Metrolink station on the Antelope Valley Line at Hollywood Way to provide direct access to the airport
-- Link the airport to the North Hollywood Red Line/Orange Line stations
-- Link the airport through Burbank, Glendale, and Eagle Rock to the Gold Line in Pasadena
-- Implement an express bus pilot program to link the North Hollywood Red Line/Orange Line stations to the Pasadena Gold Line

There are early plans for the first request, as well as the second. As far as the latter, Metro wants to connect the Red Line subway with Bob Hope, as well as link the NoHo station to the Gold Line Del Mar stop, but they're both part of Metro's unfunded projects, so The Rapture may happen before they do.

Upgrade Metrolink and LOSSAN Corridors
-- Double-track the Metrolink Antelope Valley and Ventura Lines to eliminate chokepoints and potential for train collisions
-- Construct grade separations to eliminate dangerous crossings
-- Straighten railroad tracks where possible to increase travel speeds
-- Construct the "run-through" tracks at Union Station (i.e., Southern California Regional Interconnector Project)

Develop the I-405/Sepulveda Pass and East San Fernando Valley North-SouthTransit Corridors
-- Include project interconnectivity
-- Development of potential public-private partnership

SFCOG is hoping a transit project planned to run parallel to the 405--could be a bus lane, busway, or light rail--will be linked to a proposed line that will likely run on Van Nuys Boulevard (again, who knows what form this latter line will take). Apparently, there are already bites from contractors who want to build the 405 line.

Complete the High-Occupancy Vehicle Lane System
-- Construct the HOV Lane Direct Connector from the 5 to the 134
-- Construct the HOV Lane Direct Connector from the 5 to the 405
-- Complete the HOV Lanes on the 5 through the Santa Clarita Valley

Connect and Coordinate Transit Systems Serving the San Fernando Valley
-- Synchronize transit schedules among local transit agencies, Metrolink, and Amtrak to ensure that buses and trains meet each other in a timely manner to encourage and improve our regional transit system connectivity
-- Work with Bob Hope Airport to create a plan to link local transit into the Bob Hope Airport Regional Intermodal Transit Center upon completion
· San Fernando Valley Council of Governments offers interesting list of transit priorities -- check it out [The Source]

Bob Hope Airport (BUR)

2627 N Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505