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LA's Oldest Black Episcopalian Church Landmarked, Kickstarter For Real Estate Investing

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HISTORIC SOUTH-CENTRAL: The city unveiled historic landmark signs last week for The Episcopal Church of St. Philip the Evangelist--the church was founded in 1910 (or possibly 1907) and "is the oldest historically African-American congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles." Plus the great architect Paul R. Williams was a member. The church's Spanish Colonial Revival building was dedicated in 1929 and includes "Brightly colored stained glass windows on the second level depict[ing] various Biblical scenes" and an original wooden baptismal font. [Curbed Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: If you've been hearing what a terrific investment real estate is (maybe on late-night television?) but don't want to bother with all that hands-on work or hard-won expertise, here you go: Realty Mogul, a "crowdfunding" startup "for accredited investors to pool money online and buy shares of real property like office buildings, apartment buildings and retail centers," just went live last week. While the company was in private beta, "AH Capital, a real estate investment company in Los Angeles, raised $110,000 ... [which] is being used to purchase and rehabilitate a duplex in Los Angeles, CA." [Curbed Inbox]