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SaMo Makes Wheelchair-Friendly Boardwalk Out of 5,000 Tires

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Everyone should be able to get a closeup on the sun setting over the Pacific, right? SaMo made that happen by building a "boardwalk to the sea," a wheelchair-accessible path just north of the Santa Monica Pier, from 5,000 used tires. The "crumb rubber" path allows "individuals with disabilities access to the sea at high tide," according to a statement from the city. The tires--otherwise headed for landfills and incinerators--instead became 298 rubber planks, with extra rubber used to build "dumpster bumpers," which cover large trash bins and prevent scratches on buildings and vehicles. The tires also gave their lives to become curb ramps for the city, which make it easier for waste collectors to haul away big bins.
· Santa Monica Builds Boardwalk With Recycled Tires [Patch]

Santa Monica Pier

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