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Stevie Wonder's Old 1928 Mediterranean For Sale in Los Feliz

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According to Blockshopper, this 1928 Mediterranean in Los Feliz was purchased almost exactly four years ago from one Stevland Morris, better known as Stevie Wonder. While there are only a dozen photos in the previous listing's gallery (and even those are pretty small), it's still nonetheless apparent that the subsequent owners had thoroughly different inner visions for the 4,511-square-foot residence, which has been, in the words of the listing, "completely re-imagined for today's buyer." Toodle-oo, tiki bar; hello, marble bar. Sited on a .44-acre lot on Chislehurst Drive, the gated property is now asking $8.199 million-- i.e., more than triple its 2009 sale price of $2.407 million.
· 2451 Chislehurst Drive [Blockshopper]
· 2451 Chislehurst Drive Los Angeles, CA [Estately]