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Little Joy Redux, 1 OAK For WeHo, L'Amande Opening in Bev Hills

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ECHO PARK: The Little Joy bar, site of countless hipster hookups, is almost done with a remodel. Photos show a much cleaned-up version of the haunt--Eater compares it to Silver Lake's shiny new Black Cat bar. An opening is expected April 1.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: It was sad to see Sunset Strip institution the Key Club shutter recently. But Eater reports that New York nightclub 1 OAK (one of a kind) will take its place by the end of the year.

BEVERLY HILLS: Radio Shack and Sharper Image got the boot from their spots on South Santa Monica Boulevard and the space will soon be home to L'Amande French Bakery & Café. L'Amande, a casual lunch place with baked goods and outdoor seating, should open in July.
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