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Get an Early Look at the Natural History Museum's New Gardens

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[Images via Sam Lubell/AN]

The big overhaul of the Natural History Museum's North Campus is coming along nicely, and on track to open in June for the museum's centennial. The first two pieces of the three and a half acre campus opened in time for the Expo Line's maiden voyage last spring, and this weekend the Architect's Newspaper got a sneak peak at the rest of the gardens, designed by Mia Lehrer + Associates. The gardens reflect a microcosm of LA's diverse ecosystems, with native plants that attract familiar species like opossums, squirrels, birds, owls, and a whole bunch of bugs. Pools, jagged rock formations and an arroyo recreates LA's water system, and the design "mixes natural and urban materials like a chain link vine arbor and rebar rose supports." Lehrer calls the campus "a new kind of garden space, an urban ecological laboratory where people can learn and have a better understanding of nature within the city." There's also an outdoor lab for the museum's researchers, so Lehrer wasn't just being all metaphorical there.
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