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Allyn E. Morris Duplex in Silver Lake Hills Asking $899k

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A bastion of modernist architecture, Silver Lake's Silver Ridge Avenue boasts residences designed by Rudolph Schindler, Harwell Hamilton Harris, JR Davidson, Barbara Bestor, and several built by Allyn E. Morris, including this 1964 post and beam duplex. Located around the corner from Morris's own former home and studio, the 2,618 square foot structure consists of two side-by-side units, each with three bedrooms and two baths. Per the listing, both units are currently tenant-occupied at a rental rate of $2,595 per month each, and feature beamed ceilings, hardwood floors, balcony decks, mountain views, and carports. Asking price for the duplex, which occupies a 4,178 square foot lot, is $899,000.
· 2338 Silver Ridge Avenue [Take Sunset]