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Fate of Crenshaw Line's Leimert Park Station Still a Mystery

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Pre-construction work began last year for the Crenshaw Line light rail that will connect the Green Line to the Expo Line in 2018 (and maybe LAX at some point), though we still don't know if the 8.5-mile project will include a station in historic Leimert Park. Many throughout LA are clamoring for a subway station in the heart of the village, though Metro is concerned it will be too expensive to add a stop, especially with a station only a half-mile north. A compromise was reached where Metro's board decided a stop in Leimert Village was cool if a contractor could build it and keep the line under the $1.8 billion budget. The understanding was a contractor would be chosen by March and all would be known, but amidst rumors of builders submitting prohibitively-high bids, Metro says we won't have answers for two more months. "A board action is anticipated in May 2013 for contract award," Metro's Dave Sotero tells us. "The Metro Board will decide at that time if the optional Leimert Park station is to be added to the base work."
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