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Rail Riding Down Sunset? Gehry Goes Twisty in Santa Monica

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The famed Beverly House is now available for rent for just $600k/month.

This Week's Top Stories: Raising well-coiffed eyebrows everywhere, LA City Council candidate Matt Szabo offered his proposal (with renderings!) to put a rail line on, or under, Sunset Boulevard connecting downtown to Hollywood and points in-between. Intrigue continues with the NFL's proposed return to LA as news breaks that a stadium is being pushed for Chavez Ravine, next to Dodger Stadium. After a brief period of ownership, Lloyd Wright's Sowden House in Los Feliz has come back onto the market for $4.88 million. Bob Hope's Palm Springs home, designed by John Lautner to resemble a volcano, has finally come on to the market for a hefty $50 million. Another of those big Hollywood projects lost to the Great Recession has resurrected itself, as word on the street says the mixed-use project at Selma and Vine is back in action. A twisty 22-story hotel and condo tower is being proposed for Santa Monica, designed by Frank Gehry. Is LA's infrastructure finally getting a needed aesthetic upgrade? The trend for pretty new bridges would suggest so.