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Hideous Proposal Becomes Hideous Reality at Palms Point

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A fair warning to future planners and developers -- telling architects to make a design more "interesting" can often result in unintended consequences, such as the above Palms Point mixed-use project at the corner of Palms and Motor. An early contender for ugliest building of the decade, the awful 7-story eye sore contains 31 luxury units and some ground floor retail with a parking garage sandwiched in-between. You can't say that people weren't warned, since the rendering and reality are nearly identical. The project is from builder Pacific West Builders and architects Archisystem International, who thankfully do not have a web site. The developer is C-R Management who still have a rendering up of what the project originally looked like when it was known as Palms Garden -- we can't tell if we like it more or less. What a disaster.
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