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The Neighborhoods With the Best and Worst Commutes in LA

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The US Census Bureau recently released its latest statistics on commutes. While greater Los Angeles is doing not too bad in carpooling and public transportation, its commute times remain stereotype-validatingly long (mean travel time one way is 29.1 minutes). But some neighborhoods allow for easier commutes than others--here we've mapped one-way average commute times by home neighborhood, so for instance, you'll see that Historic Core-dwellers spend a breezy 22.9 minutes on average getting to work while up in Topanga they're traveling for an average of 38.3 minutes. Keep in mind this data incorporates all modes of transit (car, bus, etc.)--if one area looks like it has long commutes, it could be that everyone's on the same slow-moving bus trip (which could account for a greener, i.e. faster, Westside; Westsiders tend to drive and a few quick car trips can bring down the average). View the whole interactive map below, along with a map of easy-commuting Buffalo for comparison.

And for comparison, a map of Buffalo, New York, which is known for having extraordinarily low commute times:

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