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WeHo's La Brea Makeover Leaves Out Bike Lanes (For Now)

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Yesterday, West Hollywood signed off on the latest plans to makeover its portion of La Brea, from Fountain down to Romaine (which could desperately use it)--however, the proposal leaves out bike lanes. Ruh roh. According to WeHoville, "the city plans to add trees, medians with drought-resistant plantings and blue street lights to the five blocks of La Brea within the city limits .... This 'streetscaping' would match the landscaping and lighting along Santa Monica Boulevard." The plan is also supposed to allow for the future addition of bike lanes, but they're left out of the new study; the city civil engineer told WeHoville last month that "The project looked into incorporating dedicated bike lanes into the project, however the public right of way and the geometry of the street did not allow for it" (instead they'll go with a wider landscaped median).

WeHo says it's just waiting to make sure Los Angeles installs its planned bike lanes on the surrounding sections of La Brea. Meanwhile, bike advocates are super worked up, calling La Brea "too fast and too scary" for bikers. To add bike lanes later, the city will probably have to remove parking, which could also get pretty damn controversial.
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