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Mid-Century Frank Sinatra/Marilyn Monroe Compound Sells

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The sexy 1952 triplex in West Hollywood that housed both Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe has sold; the LA Times reports that the seller was Beverly Coburn, first wife of actor James Coburn. Part of the property originally went up for lease last summer, then the whole thing hit the market in the fall asking $4.75 million. The compound has a main house with a 100-foot-long living room, five fireplaces, and two bedrooms, plus courtyards and patios connecting it to the other two units--a studio above the garage with its own fireplace and terrace and a one-bedroom/one-bathroom built around an atrium. And while we'd originally thought Monroe and Sinatra living there at the same time would be too mad to imagine, apparently their "tenancies overlapped in 1961. She lived in her apartment, and he used his as a getaway ...." Coburn bought the building in 1989 for $1.643 million; she's just sold for $3.72 million.
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