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East Hollywood Target Sprouting? Tesla's Elon Musk: Double-Deck the 405

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EAST HOLLYWOOD: Target, is that you? The long-closed strip mall at Sunset and Western is getting cleared, with bullseyes hung from the shopping center's former sign. A Target has been planned for years at this sad corner, but locals strangely declared an all-out war against the store via lawsuits. We're waiting for word from Target HQ to confirm work is starting. Stay tuned. [Curbed Staff]

SANTA MONICA: KCRW' s architecture and design-themed DnA show is moving from a monthly show to a weekly podcast--host Frances Anderton hosted an event for the relaunch at the Promenade's Tesla store, featuring a talk with the electric car company's co-founder Elon Musk. The 41-year-old entrepreneur, who also co-founded Paypal and launched SpaceX, which builds rockets for NASA, discussed how design could help LA. The car-lover thinks we should double-deck the 405 with metal materials to alleviate traffic and pay more attention to freeway aesthetics. Musk is also dubious about the speed and cost of the state's high-speed rail system (disgruntled murmurings from the crowd were audible). [Curbed Staff]