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8 Things to Know About the New Echo Park Lake, Opening May

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Water has been slowly flowing back into Echo Park Lake after a nearly two-year makeover, and now we officially have an opening, well, timeframe: mid-May! Echo Park Now reports there will be some kind of grand opening for the public, and rounds up some important details on the brand new EPL. Here's what you need to know:

-- The Lady of the Lake statue will be back in her original spot on the north side of the lake, facing north (she had been on the east side).
-- There will be lovely tan paths around the lake, but you won't be able to bike on them.
-- It'll be about a year before the netting is removed from the lake's signature lotuses (it's there to keep the birds from feasting).
-- The lotuses are already a year-old, and will probably bloom next spring.

-- Catch and release fishing will still be allowed at the lake, and starting in about a year, "fish will be stocked regularly ... as long as the water quality is deemed good."
-- There will be no festivals (not Lotus, not Cuban Music) until next year. The landscaping and sod need time to get settled before they're trampled by crowds.
-- The boathouse will not open with the rest of the lake; the Department of Recreation and Parks is hoping to find a concessionaire to operate a cafe and pedal boats.
-- The little island and bridge probably won't be accessible very often: "The plan is to open the bridge and island to the public only on special occasions because of the bird life."
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Echo Park Lake

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