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Glendale Bikeification: Traffic Sensors, Bike Share, Racks

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Not wanting to get left out of all the hot bike action happening around LA County, Glendale has been taking strides to improve life for its bicycling residents. First up, the city has installed new bike-detecting sensors at about a quarter of its signal-controlled intersections, and more are on the way reports the Glendale News-Press. The bike-friendly sensors mean that a lonely bicyclist won't have to wait for a car to pull up at an intersection in order to trigger the light to change. Glendale has also applied for a $2.2 million grant from the county to build new bike lanes along Verdugo and Cañada Boulevards, in addition to the lanes being built on Central Avenue. Finally, officials inspired by Anaheim's program are also looking for funding for a pilot bike share with 225 bikes at 20 stations around the city. Throw in some bike racks (260 and counting) and it looks like there may well be some serious bikeification to join Glendale's rampant apartmentification.
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