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Whale Leaping Out of LA Live, Another Wilshire Ramp Reopens

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SOUTH PARK: If you were hanging around LA Live last week, you might have noticed a whale leaping out of the sidewalk at you; relax: it was all an illusion! Just some advertising for the Life of Pi DVD release. If you love watching ads get made (you watch Mad Men, don't you?), check out the video above showing its creation. [Curbed Inbox]

WEST LA: The Rampture has been pretty smooth so far--the southbound 405 off-ramp to westbound Wilshire reopened this past weekend a week ahead of schedule. The project to reconfigure the Wilshire ramps (part of the overall 405 Freeway widening project) has been going at lightning speed; the SB405 to WBWilshire ramp closed on March 8. Next up: Northbound 405 to eastbound Wilshire, coming this summer. [The Source]


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