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An AEG/Farmers Field Shake-Up, Planning Transit Down Van Nuys

[Richard Neutra's Troxell House sold this week for $3.55 million]

This Week's Top Stories: Public comment on the big plans for mass transit down Van Nuys Boulevard through the Valley are now being taken, so have your say. In the year 1988, in the before time, LA Magazine printed predictions about what Angelenos could expect to see in the year 2013. So how accurate were they? Proving the haters wrong, ReInhabit's Echo Park flip sold for above asking price, tripling the home's original sale price. There was a major shake-up in the Farmer's Field saga this week, as it was announced stadium developer AEG's longtime public face and CEO Tim Leiweke would be leaving the company and plans for the sale of AEG were cancelled. Hollywood's Columbia Square big mixed-use development is ready to begin construction following years in limbo. The tiled Casita del Cielo house, former abode of David Carradine, in Laurel Canyon is on the market for a small pittance.