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The LA River Could Get a Bike-In Movie Series This Summer

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There are plans in the works to open up a stretch of the LA River for free-for-all recreation this summer and now here comes a genius idea for making it an actual destination: the nonprofit LA River Revitalization Corporation is raising money to hold a free bike-in movie series on the riverbanks. Here's how it'll go: "It is a pop-up event where we project an awesome movie on a building on a property with a river view. There will be food, drinks and overall merriment .... If you come an hour before the show you will have a chance to mingle with other river enthusiasts and discover the possibilities that await you along the L.A. River. You also get to enjoy a seamless car-free riding experience along the 7 mile river-adjacent bike path." (There will also be limited parking, blah blah blah.) They're looking for $10,000 to cover equipment rental, permits, cleanup, film rights, and other administrative stuff, and they think that'll allow them to hold three events this summer. They're more than halfway there already.

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