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Uninhabitable Historic Beckett Residence in Adams-Normandie

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Now up for grabs: Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument #117, aka the Beckett Residence. According to the extremely informative Big Orange Landmarks post, the imposing Colonial Revival on South Harvard Boulevard was built in either 1905 or 1910 for Dr. Wesley Beckett, a chairman of the trustees of the Los Angeles County Medical Association and member of the board of trustees at USC. Per the listing, the once-grand, six-bedroom, four-bath home is "currently being used as a 'standing set' for filming as it is uninhabitable." In addition to its film jobs, the unoccupied residence has successfully filled the role of "haunted mansion" in an "interactive horror play" called Delusion: The Blood Rite. Speaking of delusions, the listing goes on to explain that the 5,415-square-foot fixer is "being packaged with the property immediately next door"--an even bigger (though not nearly as interesting-looking) century-old pile in need of restoration. Asking price for the pair of freeway-close properties, which occupy nearly an acre of land combined, is $2.45 million.
· No. 117 - Beckett Residence [Big Orange Landmarks]
· 2218 South Harvard Blvd[Official Site]
· 2200 South Harvard Blvd [Official Site]