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Guy Who Dared Say "NIMBY" No Longer Working For SaMo

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Jeffrey Tumlin, the Santa Monica consultant who got into trouble (with NIMBYs) over the reference to NIMBYs (Not In My Backyard--anti-development-types) in his online bio will no longer be working with the city. But was it his poor word choice that undid him, or his views on everyone's favorite hot-button topic: parking? His comments that Santa Monica politics "had been dominated by NIMBYs" drew complaints, but the Santa Monica Daily Press reports that the Santa Monica Coalition for a Livable City also complained about Tumlin advocating less parking for new developments than currently required: "The net effect would be to drive down costs of development, and therefore the price of housing, and ostensibly cause fewer car trips by attracting fewer cars based on the premise that you will not drive where you cannot park." The SMCLC called Tumlin's parking position "an unsound prediction without basis."
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